When I was a child my father taught me a version of the game “Solitaire” in which a deck of cards is used. I never forgot how to play that game, and I still find it compelling even though it is very, very difficult to win. It can be played with a poker deck (52 cards) or with a Spanish deck (48 cards).

For me this was always the version of the Solitaire that I knew. 30 years later I find that it is not at all common (it is very different from other versions of Solitaire that I have…

The story of my Marcos Labraga AC1 steel-strings double-top acoustic guitar.

Marcos Labraga AC1 – OM acoustic guitar.

Guitars are beautiful musical instruments! Based on this statement — which I hope you agree — let me tell you the story of my Marcos Labraga AC1 double-top acoustic guitar.

This guitar, which is an impressive combination of carefully selected materials and an exquisite luthier work, was designed during 2017 and built in 2018. It is called AC1, for being the first acoustic guitar (with steel strings) manufactured by luthier Marcos Labraga, a renowned Uruguayan classical concert guitars luthier.

Let’s know a little more about this guitar, its materials…

Haldo Spontón

(some university titles…) :: focused on ai, data, audio & image, machine/deep learning & music :: VP of technology & head of #AI development @globant

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